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Of Vegetarians & Environmentalists [01 Mar 2010|04:05am]

I’ve been watching Greenpeace videos on YouTube and I stumbled on a clip of GP campaigners talking about vegetarianism and its relation to climate change. Being a vegetarian and a volunteer for GP’s youth arm Solar Generation, I was intrigued. I watched and applauded.  One meat-free day is the single biggest contribution one can have, according to a UN official. One kilogram of meat equals to flying 100km. It makes you sit up and really wonder how large your carbon footprint is when you’re snarfing down that burger doesn’t it?

Anyways, so I scrolled down to comment on the vid and saw a post from a vegan getting pissed at environmentalists who still ate meat. Although I’m a veg, I was a bit upset on the behalf of my activists friends and other environmentalists I admire, who have not chosen to go veg. In fairness to all the environmentalists, earth lovers and eco-warriors out there who aren’t vegetarian or vegan, I said my piece.

Read on & decide ...Does caring about the environment have iron-clad conditions?

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Music for Environment [09 Feb 2009|06:30pm]

hi! I am community moderator music_action . This community was established by Russian media activists. Our aim - to gather the collection Music for Social and Civil Action, Freedom, Peace, Environment and Human Rights.

We would be glad if you join!

Here is a list of music and video on the Greenpeace activist.

R.E.M. - It's The End Of The World As We Know It (And I Feel Fine).
Madredeus - Greenpeace - Au Loin La Mer + O Mar.
"Greenpeace + Spencer Tunick: голый эко-активизм глетчере Aletsch".
Green Peace - Аnchor Me.
Green Peace - You Get What You Give.
I.F.K. - Green Peace.
Greenpeace vs Unilever (Dove).
Greenpeace Video - Акция в Сочи.
"Greenpeace Water Ballet" (June 7th 2007 in Heiligendamm, Germany).

An cut - list of environmental video, video on alternative energy, social advertising in support of environmental initiatives:
Read more...Collapse )
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Stop the Whaling! [30 Mar 2007|04:43pm]

Here's something i want to share since it's both important and worth supporting!
Mail i got...Collapse )
It's our planet they're destroying...
Please give Greenpeace a hand,show your support!

PS:X-posted in my journal!
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A few questions [20 Feb 2007|06:53pm]

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Hi, I just joined, I'm Nini. I actually have an interview with Greenpeace on Monday afternoon and I was wondering if anyone here is currently, or has ever worked for their street-campain. I have alot of questions, and was hoping I could find someone that might have done a similar thing to answer some of these.


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Japanese whaling ship "under control"? [20 Feb 2007|10:44pm]
so the whaling ship Nisshin Maru caught fire and is stranded in the ross sea.
and greenpeace, being near (obviously), has offered to tow it away lest the crippled ship starts leaking oil into the waters of antarctica, becoming a 'floating factory full of oil and chemicals in the pristine waters of the Antarctic ecosystem.'

"Some people may suggest that you will lose face by accepting the offer of Greenpeace..
(from http://oceans.greenpeace.org/en/take-action/nisshin-maru)

it becomes unbearable when politics and pride are still blatantly, stubbornly held up against what is the sanest, most right thing to do. ..hopefully, this issue about whales does not extend to become a blame-game about the ocean environment.

other links on the issue:
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Quick poll action [08 Feb 2007|11:15am]

One of the biggest hurdles to getting anything done about global warming and climate change is skepticism about the phenomena themselves. Politicians can look at polls and say "my constituents don't think it's happening, so why should I do anything?"

If you have a moment, drop by jacksonsun.com and fill out the front-page poll, which asks "Do you believe global warming is a serious, man-made crisis?" The Yes vote was up by 9 points at one point this week, but the deniers are gaining ground, and are within 5 points as I type this.

(If you wait about 5 minutes, you can vote a second time, or third time, etc., which is how I suspect the vote has started closing in within the past 24 hours. You can help turn the tide.)
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Lights Out Feb 1 [30 Jan 2007|09:58pm]


To promote media attention for the UN's release on Climate Change on Friday, French environmental organizations are asking the public to turn off their lights and appliances 6:55 - 7:00 p.m. (GMT) on Thursday, Feb. 1. Even the Effiel Tower will go out.

A five minute break for the Earth.

Greenpeace on the Tower
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FoE: Support the Colombian U'wa struggle to assert their land rights [25 Jan 2007|05:30pm]

Dear Friend,

On 17th January, trucks carrying drilling equipment entered the U'wa
indigenous people's territory in Colombia.

The government decided in December 2006 to re-initiate plans for oil
exploration in U'wa areas, despite a long history of opposition by the
U'wa people.

This area has been recognized as U'wa territory since 1802, and the
right of its people to occupy and use the land is protected under the
Colombian constitution.

To find out more and send a message to the Colombian President  visit

Please forward this message to your contacts and encourage them to get

Thanks for your support

Friends of the Earth International
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Need some help! [19 Dec 2006|04:28pm]

If anyone can stop Olympic Games in the Sochi National Parc?
The Russian Government desided to steal some billions of dollars by "preparing" to the Olymp.2014.
But... They forgot about one thing: Olympic games will NEVER start in the territory, protected by UNESCO!!!
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[14 Dec 2006|10:14pm]
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<a href="http://www.greenpeace.org/usa/news/greenpeace-calls-for-whaling-f />japanese fleet on the way to antarctica for 900+ whales for research" </a>-
any different from using rats for research?

level, scale, necessity.
we could debate those three umbrella reasons over a table in our suits.

but really, what justification, that <i> excludes</i> human superiority, when it comes to endangering already vulnerable species?
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International Action: This cartoon sums it up [09 Nov 2006|06:07pm]


Most EU governments as well as countries outside of Europe - like the USA, Australia and Brazil - want a moratorium on the very destructive practice of high seas bottom trawling, but Spain is stalling.

Hmm, maybe that is because Spain has the largest bottom trawling fleet in Europe. A fleet of 55 vessels that now seems to hold the EU as hostage in ocean protection.

High seas bottom trawlers tear up an area of seabed more then 30 times the size of Spain each year.

Tell the EU Fisheries Commissioner and the Spanish ministers to stop lagging behind, and support a moratorium on high seas bottom trawling at the UN this year.

Click here to send your message now.

p.s. apollogies for lack of posting lately, starting uni has been a bit hectic.
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US action [07 Sep 2006|01:40am]


For too long, marine life has been largely open for the taking by anyone possessing the means to exploit it. Rapid advances in technology have meant that the ability, reach and power of vessels and equipment used to exploit marine life now far outweigh nature's ability to maintain it. If left unchecked, this will have far reaching consequences for the marine environment and for people who depend on it.

There is currently a massive problem of overfishing in our oceans. THIS WEEK, Congress could cast a vote that will decide the fate of all fish in US waters for years to come. To say that this vote is critical to the protection of our oceans would be an understatement. That’s why I need your help today.


Tell Congress that overfishing stinks!
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The future of maize under question [05 Sep 2006|02:53pm]


Mexico is the home of maize (corn) and has around 200 different varieties growing locally. But companies like Monsanto and Dow are trying to pressure Mexico to allow them to contaminate this natural diversity with GE maize.

We joined with local farmers in Mexico and sent a message by creating a huge crop circle in the shape of a question mark in a maize field to highlight the dangers of GE contamination.

You can send your own message to Mexican President Vicente Fox to ensure the home of maize remains GE free.
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McVictory [05 Sep 2006|02:26pm]


McDonald's joins fight to save the Amazon
Take your hand off the mouse. Now reach over your shoulder, and pat yourself on the back. Because you did it. The mighty McDonald's jumped when you objected to their role in Amazon destruction. After only a few months of being in the spotlight over rainforest destruction, and receiving more than 30,000 emails, McDonald's not only made a U-turn in no longer sourcing soya from the ashes of the Amazon but are also actively urging other companies to join them.

And then put your hand back on the mouse, and tell Kentucky Fried Chicken that the Colonel needs to follow the clown's example. The Amazon is still under threat from soy.

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AU action - Vote for clean energy [30 Aug 2006|01:57pm]


We ran a clean energy campaign for the South Australian election in March 2006. Now the South Australian government has drafted legislation to slash greenhouse pollution by 60 per cent by 2050 and to set a target of 20 per cent renewable energy by 2014. The target is one of the strongest in the world, which shows that your vote really can make a difference.

Shifting from fossil fuels (coal, oil and gas) to clean energy industries reduces greenhouse pollution that fuels climate change. This switch is especially crucial for Australia, where climate change poses a serious threat.

You can use your voting power in upcoming state elections to change how we power our lives.

Find out more about how you can vote for clean energy in Victoria and New South Wales:

Victoria: November 25, 2006

NSW: March 24, 2007

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US Action - Is YOUR Technology Toxic? [30 Aug 2006|01:43pm]


Some of the hottest names in technology scored the lowest grades in a recent test of environmentally-unfriendly electronics. That’s because some of your favorite tech gadgets are made with toxic chemicals like polyvinyl chloride (PVC) plastic and brominated flame retardants (BFRs).

And when last year’s coolest trend isn’t so cool anymore, tons of tossed out electronics make their way to the developing world, where children dismantle them for scraps, and are exposed to the toxics they contain. It’s time for these companies to cut the chemicals from their products, and create a strong recycling program.
So guess who ranked at the bottom of the barrel?
Apple. Along with Motorola, Acer, and Lenovo.

Tell these toxic tech companies to clean up their act:

And don’t forget to see the full report card and find out how your favorite gadgets ranked.
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Calling all college students! [09 Aug 2006|01:34pm]

Did you know that 89 million Americans volunteer?

Better yet, did you know that 46% of 18-24 year olds volunteer 3 or 4 hours a week?

It's true! This shows a dedication to volunteerism and political action beyond what students are generally known for.

This age group is the incoming generation of voters, policy makers and future leaders of America, and absolutely vital to the continuing success of volunteer service in their communities.

S.A.V.E. (Support American Volunteer Efforts) currently has a bill before Congress that if passed would grant up to $2,000 in a tax rebate to people who volunteer for nonprofit organizations.

The only way to pass this bill is to let Congress know that Americans support it!

Go to the S.A.V.E. website and vote for the S.A.V.E. bill! You could win a case of Annie's Macaroni and Cheese and also help make the S.A.V.E. bill a reality.

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Win a case of Annies Mac and Cheese! [02 Aug 2006|01:45pm]

Win a case of Annie’s Mac and Cheese

The person or organization that sends the most voters to S.A.V.E. each week wins a free case of Annies Macaroni and Cheese!

Andrew Martin, founding chairman and former president and CEO of Annies Macaroni and Cheese, is the author of the S.A.V.E. bill. This is his way of thanking you for supporting S.A.V.E!

Send your family and friends to vote at the S.A.V.E. website now!

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S.A.V.E [12 Jul 2006|02:13pm]

S.A.V.E (Support American Volunteer Efforts) is a nonprofit organization campaigning to pass bill HR4387, which is currently under review in the Ways & Means Committee of Congress.

If the bill were to be passed it would offer up to $2,000 per year in a tax rebate to every volunteer.

Volunteers are two a half times more likely to donate back to non-profits where they volunteer, and their communities. Rather than giving tax breaks to the wealthiest 1% of society this would help to put money back where it is sorely needed.

SAVE is a grass-roots organization. Our office has a staff of three full time employees and several volunteers. We're in the midst of a nation wide press release, selling the idea of SAVE to the media, non-profit and volunteer agencies around the country.

The only way to pass this bill is to let congress know that Americans support it.

Please check out our website: SAVE - Support American Volunteer Efforts

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Moderator-ry stuff and banners! [10 Jul 2006|01:31am]

Hey all,
apologies for my absense, my summer is rather full, but i'll try and keep new cyberaction posts regular. And remember you can post a link to any cyberaction you find, whether Greenpeace or not, as long as it follows Greenpeace's principles.

Also I'd like to expand the community, and awareness of what Greenpeace is involved in, in the future and so with my somewhat limited skills i've created a few banners, which if you could post on your user info, personal sites or even signatures would be really great. Just copy and paste the coding below the image into the relevant box.
Of course if anyone out there would like to make their own, more profesional looking banner, for the community that'd be really appreciated.

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