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Moderator-ry stuff and banners!

Hey all,
apologies for my absense, my summer is rather full, but i'll try and keep new cyberaction posts regular. And remember you can post a link to any cyberaction you find, whether Greenpeace or not, as long as it follows Greenpeace's principles.

Also I'd like to expand the community, and awareness of what Greenpeace is involved in, in the future and so with my somewhat limited skills i've created a few banners, which if you could post on your user info, personal sites or even signatures would be really great. Just copy and paste the coding below the image into the relevant box.
Of course if anyone out there would like to make their own, more profesional looking banner, for the community that'd be really appreciated.

A couple for the community:

<a href=""><CENTER><img border="0" src=""></a></CENTER>

These two are more adverts than banners, which at some point i'll post in community-promo communities, but if you'd like to use them then great!

<a href=""><center><img border="0" src="" alt="" /></center></a>

<a href=""><center><img border="0" alt="" src="" /></center></a>

And a couple for the Greenpeace International website:

<a href=""><center><img border="0" alt="" src="" /></center></a>

<a href=""><center><img border="0" src="" alt="" /></center></a>

Of course if anyones handy at HTML it would be greatly appreciated to limit hotlinking if you could save images and replace image source coding, but no worries if not.

Please take, use and spread!
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