marian16_rox (marian16_rox) wrote in gpcyberactivism,

Of Vegetarians & Environmentalists

I’ve been watching Greenpeace videos on YouTube and I stumbled on a clip of GP campaigners talking about vegetarianism and its relation to climate change. Being a vegetarian and a volunteer for GP’s youth arm Solar Generation, I was intrigued. I watched and applauded.  One meat-free day is the single biggest contribution one can have, according to a UN official. One kilogram of meat equals to flying 100km. It makes you sit up and really wonder how large your carbon footprint is when you’re snarfing down that burger doesn’t it?

Anyways, so I scrolled down to comment on the vid and saw a post from a vegan getting pissed at environmentalists who still ate meat. Although I’m a veg, I was a bit upset on the behalf of my activists friends and other environmentalists I admire, who have not chosen to go veg. In fairness to all the environmentalists, earth lovers and eco-warriors out there who aren’t vegetarian or vegan, I said my piece.

Read on & decide ...Does caring about the environment have iron-clad conditions?

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